Regular eye examinations are important to maintain good eye health and achieve the best possible vision. Even if you do not need glasses, you should have a checkup every two years to ensure your eyes are healthy as this may help prevent problems in the long term.

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As well as standard eye tests, at Angela Morris Optometrist we provide a comprehensive range of eye examinations and services, such as:

  • Adjustment and repair of spectacles
  • Cataract detection and management
  • Children’s vision testing
  • Colour vision testing
  • Contact lens assessments
  • Corneal mapping/topography including keratoconus assessment
  • Diabetes-related eye disease detection and management
  • Digital retinal photography
  • Drivers licence checks
  • Dry eye diagnosis and treatment
  • Glaucoma and pressure testing
  • Laser surgery suitability assessments
  • Macular degeneration testing
  • Myopia control
  • Ocular medications: prescription of ocular medicines for eye infections and allergies
  • OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) Scans
  • Orthokeratology
  • Refractive error correction such as myopia (short-sightedness), hyperopia (long-sightedness), astigmatism and presbyopia
  • Supplying work and safety glasses
  • Visual field testing

A referral from your GP is not required to see our Optometrists and standard consultations are bulk billed to Medicare or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

After completing your eye examination we will discuss the results with you and provide a full explanation about your current vision and eye health. If required, our Optometrists will discuss the need for any co-management with your GP or an ophthalmologist.


OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) Scan

Our Nidek OCT scanner uses cutting-edge technology to take around 50,000 ultrasound images through the layers of the eye to enable us to see the retina, optic nerve, macula and cornea in 3D – similar to an MRI. It is non-invasive and entirely safe.
This allows us to see these structures in incredible detail to allow for much earlier detection and management of glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and other eye diseases. This means that quite often these conditions can be managed even before you may notice a problem.

Digital Retinal Photography

Apart from routinely checking your eye health, our practice also offers digital retinal photography.

This involves taking a digital photographic image of the back of your eyes, which allows us to make a more thorough assessment of your current eye health. It allows us to detect any early changes and compare images over time for signs of macular degeneration, glaucoma or diabetes-related eye issues. Digital retinal photography is recommended for anyone over 40 years of age or those with a family history of eye disease.

Ocular Medications

Did you know you don’t need to visit a doctor to obtain a prescription for common eye ailments, such as conjunctivitis? Angela has obtained specialised training in ocular therapeutics so she can directly prescribe certain eye medications to patients, such as antibiotics, anti-allergy medications and dry-eye treatments. She can also assist with minor eye injuries.


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